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A family business with over 25 years experience.

Our business specializes in maintenance of air conditioning, heating ,ventilation of all brands and unit repairs . Our team of qualified and dynamic technicians are pleased to service your units so you can enjoy a superior air quality . This fine team is directed by Mr Pierre Vincent Service Department director and second by Mrs Victoria McKenzie. We offer quality services from Monday thru Friday . Office hours are from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. An emergency service 24/7 is available for problems related to shortage of heating in residential and all major problems in commercial. For all your needs in Air Conditionning , Heating and Ventilation, either for your home or a new construction, our professional team will be pleased to offer you a wide variety of quality products . You will always be served with competence and professionalism. : phenq : pilule pour maigrir
The summum for heating pool is Enertran. For an interior poll, an Enertran system can heat the water of your pool and by the same time dehumidify the ambiant air. It eliminates the water condensation in your windows and all the damages caused by humidity. For exterior pools, when the outdoor temperature is around 12 degrees C (55 F), it will maintain a confortable temperature for your pool water.
Ventilation Air Sol Inc. exists in the area since 1988. First installed in the limits of St-Lazare, the company is now located on chemin St-Guillaume in Ste-Marthe, QC. Since its beginning in 1988 the company has more than 9000 satisfied customers and still growing. With more than 5000 square feet, we machinate all the parts for the ventilation systems, all the ducting is fabricated on premises (hand made), no sub contractors . We do business with many entrepreneurs and individuals, for existing home or new construction , we have the right product to suit your needs. Since the beginning we have made great commercial projects such as Tim Horton’s, Commercial Center in Ste-Marthe sur le Lac ,SQ center in Morin Heights, many Daycares CPE and much more.
Todays new constructions are built to be heated in the most effeciency possible. The insolation and air-tight constructions are made to keep the houses warm ,so that the heating cost will be at its lowest . But there is a side effect to this system. The ambiant air is held inside, keeping at the same time all the humidity and the polluants. Working with your hot air heating system, the air exchanger evacuates the humidity and the air polluants outside,and in the same time it retains the warmth to heat the outside air coming in. In this process there is no heat-loss. phenq cdiscount
The sun is the heat source for the earth. His heat evaporate the water of rivers and lakes, which will come back on earth. A couple of meters of earth separate the surface from the water below. In summer or winter this water is always at the same temperature. This heating source will always be available as long as the sun will shine. The earth under a residential house can freely provide enough energy to heat and conditions the unit. Now we need to bring this free energy to the house. To do so we get the water from a well and we extract the heating with a heatpump. A system of underearth conduct containing a liquid (antifreeze) can be buried in your yard. This liquid holds the heat from the underwater well and transfers it to the heatpump. The Heatpump keeps the heat from the liquid. The liquid passes many time in the heatpump to gather the most energy possible. If your home is near a pond or a lake , energy can be taken from that source which will then feed the geothermal system.